bluArc will be migrating from its current bluArc Call Recording Service platform to a new release of Call Recording Services software. The new software release (bluArc’s Enhanced Call Recording Services) will operate identically to the version customers are using today, but will have a redesigned user interface along with many new enhancements for faster and more reliable performance. 

Here are some notable improvements of the new Enhanced Call Recording Services:

  • New On Demand Recording Option: The introduction of a new On Demand Call Recording feature

    Under Extensions and Routing you will now be able to select recording options including Mandatory, On Demand, and None. For On Demand users, you can now program a Call Recording on Demand button on the phones of On Demand activated users via the bluArc web portal.

  • More Secure: The Enhanced Call Recording Portal now has a higher level of encryption, making it even more secure than before.

  • New user interface: Making it more elegant and easier to use.

  • More detailed Call Records: Call Details for “Calls” that appear under “Completed Events” provides more complete and better descriptions of the calls and their recordings.

  • Peak Call Volume Reports: The “Usage” option under the “Reports” Tab now provides peak call volumes over selectable periods of time (by date and/or time).

  • More Intuitive Extension Management: The “Agents and ACDs” Tab that is used on the old platform, to manage which extensions are to be recording enabled or granted admin access, was renamed to “Extension & Routing” on the new platform.

  • Call Evaluations: “Completed Events” now includes an “Evaluations” option that can be used by an administrator to evaluate how well a call went.

  • Customizable Evaluation Forms: Ability to create custom “Evaluation Forms” that can be used during the evaluation of calls was added via a new “Resources” Tab.

Should you have any questions regarding the new Enhanced Call Recording Platform please contact Customer Care at 1-844-425-8272 or reach out to our Customer Care Team at

Best Regards,

The bluArc Enhanced Call Recording Migration Team